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When we observe an Orange in its separate structures, we find the rind pungent, the pulp acid and the seeds bitter. When we move from the exterior towards the interior, judging from the taste and to some extent the colour, the forces seem to transform from a centrifugal direction towards a contracting and finally descending and gathering motion.

It’s noteworthy that both peel and seeds of orange store oils, are in fact mostly the same essential oil, namely D-Limonene, (peel 90.58%, vs seed 81.73%), yet both contain an important proportion and concentration of the remaining nineteen different essential oils present in oranges. Both the external visible skin and the deep-seated seeds are interconnected by their oils. So, the question is, what are the nature of the relationships between the skin and seed of the orange?

Similarly, in the human body we find correspondences between the skin and innermost organs.  Chinese medicine links surface Tai Yang with deep rooted Shao Yin.  The Nei Jing is also an in-depth analysis of the relationship of the cosmos to human health. Our question is what is the nature of the outer influences on the inner organs.

The premise we will work from is that Physics dictates biology and not vice versa. Sun and skin biology determine the function and wellbeing of the inner organs.  In the realm of biology however, Quantum physics holds a special place, and its influence is conveyed by a triangle of Light, Water and Magnetism. In this respect, we may  say that Light is predominant in Heaven, and Magnetism on Earth, and Water in Man. We can also add that, the Great Yang, (Tai Yang 太阳) as the sun is called in mandarin is a positive cathode, and the Earth (Di ) is a negative anode, and to complete the circuit we have the water content in Man.

We have found, both theoretically and in clinical practice, the practice of taking sunlight while standing barefoot, and under the conditions of proper hydration, are deeply therapeutic. This we call the “The Tree Cure”, it simply takes the basic elements required for life as a tree, namely water, sun and earth.  It is a practical application of the philosophy Heaven, Earth, Man.  Practiced daily, there seems to be no medical condition which cannot benefit, improve or completely resolve from the “Tree Cure”. Its no simpler than drinking water, removing shoes and shirt, and to sit or stand barefoot on the grass or soil.
Within Chinese cosmogenesis, we have two different modalities, the Created Axis, where Man stands Between Heaven and Earth, and a Creative Axis, where Heaven creates Earth, and Earth Creates Man. The creative axis, which is considered prenatal, seems to be in harmony with the understanding that Light is also a form of electromagnetic force, and it is the influence of these two subtle forces which finally shape an determine the ultimate course of human biochemistry.

What is visible (看得见), is yin, what is not visible (看不见) is Yang. Light force and EMF belong to Yang. 

                                   Tian, Heaven Light
                                   Ren Man    Water
                                                 Di , Earth    Electromagnetic field

When a cell wants to divide, previous to its passage of the various the phases of cell mitosis (interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase), there is an important phenomenon that takes place. With the help of a photo multiplier, we are able to observe that in every instance there is an emission of light, in the form of bio-photon, or extreme low frequency UV light (Van Wick 2016). It is a spark of light that gives the signal for the cell to enter cell DNA replication and cell division.  A strong cell anchors light, in the same way a good blood stores the warmth of yang. In his book “Light in Shaping life”, Roeland Van Wick explains that weak and deficient tissues like tumours emit light, healthy tissues do not drop its energy quanta with light release.
We can say that the voltage of a cell, its zeta potential, and its redox potential are enhanced by regular sun exposure. It is in fact the action of the sun over water. Tai yang and Shao yin rule water. Injury to Tai Yang 太阳conformation develops into cold damage, all the first chapter of the Shan Han Lun is devoted to this subject. But perhaps we fail to acknowledge the role of Tai yang in health, which is to warm the water and blood: UV and IR both stimulate these cell energy expressions. If the cell does not receive energy from magnetic fields, and light, it will have a hard time to generate the necessary bio-photons for cell division.  In that case, as an adaptation mechanism, the cell activates a unique response.  

About 5 to 8 percent of our genome is retrovirus. The Human Endogenous Retrovirus (HER) is a retrovirus which is part of the human genome.  It’s a virus that can behave as an oncogene, yet it has a vital function in human life. The placenta displays a vast activity of HER; in fact most mammals have this virus active in gestation. it is believed to have a role in securing the immune system is compatible with the genetic information carried in the foetus. In adult life these retroviruses perform many vital functions when editing the genome is called for.

It’s our hypothesis that lack of normal healthy bio-photon emission, challenges healthy cell division, and guides de cell along adaptive biochemical pathways. It possible that HER is activated to edit the genome, enabling it to allow cell division. The use of retrovirus as an adaptive mechanism that has enabled a faster evolution.
It appears that even though HER activity is a mechanism that supercharges the adaptability of the human species, HER activity over an extended period of time can alter the genome information, to an extent that it becomes unfavourable, especially if causative factors have not been addressed. For example, promoting uncontrolled cell division. It is known that HER is a retrovirus commonly active in many forms of cancer, and autoimmune diseases. (Matteucci 2018)

HER is particularly active in cancers, and autoimmune diseases often associated with low vitamin D levels, like colorectal and gastric cancer, also hormone dependant breast and prostate cancer, likewise autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, LUPUS and ALS, which are also associated with low vitamin D levels. This leads to the insight that deep seated genetic disorders (Shao yin), may find resolution and healing, when the surface skin biology (Tai Yang) is heeded. IT also explains why both Tai Yang and Shao yin are related, and why both belong to the exterior.
One may prescribe many appropriate Fu Zi medications, for Internal Shao yin, yet if the physics of the environment are ignored, the results will be unsatisfactory.
When we observe a group of firemen around a fire, we don’t think of them as guilty of the incident. However, when we find cholesterol plaques in the scene of a heart attack, or a stroke, we find it responsible for a crime against life. We seem to hold a rather reductionist view  about cholesterol; Cholesterol= fat= atherosclerosis=compromised cardiovascular system= blood clot= stroke= death.  Cholesterol has become a sensitive theme of nutrition, a terror for many, but how rational and legitimate is this anxiety?
The biochemistry of the body can be divided by two big fractions; those which dissolve in fat, (lipophilic) and those which dissolve in water (hydrophilic). Cholesterol belongs to the first group, but it has a unique versatile quality, both hydrophilic and lipophilic when it converts to cholesterol sulphate. As if a ghost it can move freely, within spaces, where cholesterol normally has no access. (Rodríguez 1995).

Before the abundant arrival of oxygen, the first forms of life evolved in the form sulphur metabolizing bacteria. Sulphur and oxygen are two key molecules for life. Sulphur has a heterogenous range of valences, from -2 to +6. Yet for health we are especially interested when its bonded to oxygen, sulphate, SO4, were we have 4 critical molecules of oxygen, also it expresses a  valuable negative charge (SO4-2). The negative charge of cholesterol sulphate gives voltage, electric charge promotes circulation, and repels agglutination. 

Like oxygen, sulphur supports aerobic metabolism. From the intuitive sphere of beliefs of alchemists there are three elements related to fire; phosphorus, sulphur and oxygen. In the blood this subtle radiance is called "Zeta potential", a scientific expression coined to describe the electrical charge or electro-kinetic potential in fluids, usually expressed in millivolts. The magnitude of zeta potential indicates the degree of electro static repulsion between the particles in a solution. A high Zeta potential indicates resistance towards coagulation, low levels of zeta potential indicates that the colloid tends to aggregate or decant.

The reasoning that prevails is that fat consumption obstructs arteries, a situation where stroke becomes imminent. With obstructed coronary arteries, an angioplasty or bypass are the golden standards. But the reality is that a heart attack is produced by the action of a thrombus and often the clot is installed in a region of the cardiovascular system that does not necessarily present vascular obstructions (Rothenberg 2013). However, the cause of blood clotting is a low Zeta potential. Like the plumbing of a house, the problem is not always failures of the pipeline itself, but the excessive density of the fluids that circulate within it. At home plumbers flush and change the water density, they don’t broaden the cylinders.

In a review of 12 clinical trials, a meta-analysis involving more than 5000 patients, there was no reduction in myocardial infarction attributable to the use of angioplasty in any of their presentations.

"Conclusions; In patients with chronic and stable coronary disease, in the absence of a recent myocardial infarction, percutaneous coronary intervention offers no benefit in terms of death, myocardial infarction, or the need for subsequent revascularization compared with conservative medical treatment. " (Katritsis 2005)

The way the body sulphates cholesterol is through the action of ultraviolet light. In the same way, that vitamin D becomes sulphated vitamin D under UV. Another great sulpho-lipid hormone, key to hormonal health in men and women, which also derives from cholesterol, is DHEA, (dehydroepiandrosterone). We could say that cholesterol is a very special molecule, but acquires extraordinary properties when it is activated by the sun.

Sulphated cholesterol is a critical protector of the heart and cardiovascular system (Ma 2008). It delivers oxygen to the muscles through myoglobin, provides cholesterol to the cell membrane, provides energy to the cell.

A cell membrane made of cholesterol has different and lower properties than a membrane formed by sulphated cholesterol. It is in our benefit that cell membranes are built from sulphated cholesterol. The speed of exchange along the membrane of cholesterol sulphate is an order of magnitude faster than un-sulphated cholesterol (Rodríguez 1995). Even so, it would be pertinent to add that the type fat which damage the permeability of the membranes, and increase the risk of primary cardiac arrest, are trans fats (Lamaitre 2005).

Thrombin is an enzyme that plays an important role in blood coagulation, it has been noticed that cholesterol sulphate serves as an inhibitor of thrombin in blood plasma (Iwamori 1999).
The solar radiation over the skin, fulfils the role of converting nitrates, (NO3), into nitrites, (NO2), and finally nitric oxide, (ON), (Weller 2010). This gas, is produced in the epithelium of the arteries it then diffuses into the smooth muscle of the arterial intima and generates arterial vasodilation.

                                         NO-3àNO-2à ON                                                    

In a quest for pectoral angina remedy by serendipity scientist discovered Viagra where its active ingredient is sildenafil which supports production of nitric oxide (NO). The NO dilates and promotes circulation, the sun therefore acts as an antihypertensive agent. It has been observed that an effective and unfailing medicine for high blood pressure is exposure to sunshine. (Vatakencheryy 2019, Kiani 2018) Remove the shirt and shoes and receive 20 minutes of sunshine, severe hypertension may need two similar sessions a day.

Some researchers (Nathan 2010), believe we have wrongly blamed cholesterol as focal target responsible for cardiovascular health, when the problem is a decline in nitric oxide production with age.

The biological motive for stimulating vascular dilatation, is to increase the surface exposure of the blood to facilitate greater contact of cholesterol and red blood cells to ultraviolet radiation.
Red blood cells have two proteins, haemoglobin which absorb infrared light, while porphyrin absorbs ultraviolet light. Here again we have a photoelectric effect acting on red blood cells, to give them propulsion, a movement with anti-agglutinating repellent forces.

Photons acting on the surface of the skin generate a phenomenon called Rayleigh-Bénard convection. To understand this force, let's use the analogy of porridge bubbling in the pot. The heat emitted on a single surface generates a circular movement of the fluids, from the inside out. Thus the deep seated blood, emerges, circulates and takes contact with the sun.

On the other hand, water being a polar substance, exposed to photons can be divided, in proton, H +, and hydroxy radical OH-, the sun will separate the charges of water that will take contact with hydrophilic substances such as collagen. We will then have a power source and DC voltage. These electrons and protons will be available for the mitochondria, both the electron transport chain and the proton gradient. The interaction of sun and water creates energy.

When the body raises LDL cholesterol, it actually does so for two possible reasons; first it is an indication of low levels of cholesterol sulphate. Cholesterol sulphate inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol (Strott 2003). Another common event is the role of cholesterol in neutralizing endotoxins and bacteria. Few understand that cholesterol plays an antibiotic and cleansing role, it absorbs and purifies the body of intestinal endo-toxins, particularly Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) of Gram-negative bacteria (Kitchens 2003) (Kazuyuki). As a summary, we can say that when the body raises cholesterol, we should try to understand the mechanisms it seeks to compensate.
The sun energises to the blood, we can see in the zeta potential. Cholesterol sulphate gets finally converted into calcitriol the active form of vitamin D in the Kidney. Cholesterol sulphate is also a key nutrient for heart cardiocytes. Heart and Kidney link via Shao yin becomes evident as does the interdependence with surface Tai Yang.

If excess carbohydrates are consumed, the microbiome will become simplified, leading its way to intestinal dysbiosis and overgrowth of beta-proteo-bacteria, a group of highly inflammatory Gram-negative bacteria predominate. The intestinal inflammation, causes increased intestinal permeability. By the phenomenon called translocation of endo-toxins, lipopolysaccharides LPS leak to the plasma, the blood becomes toxic, and the body uses cholesterol as a sponge to absorb and neutralize the LPS (Kitchens 2003). When the body raises cholesterol it’s because it deeply knows what it’s doing, using a statin does not solve the inflammatory problem, or blood viscosity, intestinal permeability, or lack of sulphated cholesterol, actually reduces cholesterol sulphate. (Senneff 2011).

In the colon once again, we find something interesting, to heal and regenerate an intestine, activation of intestinal stem cell is needed, who activates this cell is vitamin D. Hence, colon cancer is strongly linked with vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D down regulates the expression of Beta catenin, a protein that when over expressed, causes activation of colorectal cancer stem cell processes (Yilmaz 2018). The intestinal tight junctions create the barrier that controls intestinal permeability. However, it degrades and ruptures when vitamin D levels fall below 30 ng / ml. On the other hand, subcutaneous fat, is the most important reserve of stem cells, is the reserve bank for all forms of regeneration that the body will need during life. One way to activate the stem cells of subcutaneous fat is by means of infrared light over the abdomen (Emelyanov 2015).

Whether it be intestinal stem cell lying in the crypt of the intestinal villi, or dormant stem cells in subcutaneous fat, in both cases their activation is dependent on a surface event initiated by exposure to sunlight, UV and IR respectively. Ancestral Jing essence is activated by the suns electromagnetic forces.

The reason why it is not a good idea to ingest vitamin D capsules, is because it carries the message to the body that has sulphated cholesterol, and halts a cascade of key biochemical pathways for cardio- vascular health. Also, as we have explained the sun offers a host of other benefits, which are not vitamin D related. The prevailing thought, practiced by millions, is reasoning, the sun is dangerous, and it will be better to ingest vitamin D in capsules. Vitamin D carry no yang EM forces, and will not interact with skin chemistry, thus failing to create the external/internal dynamics explained in Chinese medicine.

Skin cancer and ultra violet: Within the skin there is a sinister path, its starts in actinic keratosis, a precancerous lesion, and advances towards cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, in an order of evolution ranging from 0.025% to 16%, (Ratushny 2012). If this is not controlled, we have invasive cutaneous carcinoma.

The mechanism by which ultraviolet rays can activate the path towards cancer is through the effect of UVB on a tumour suppressor gene, p53 (Ratushny 2012). But perhaps it is a simplistic and incomplete position to declare that ultraviolet is carcinogenic. With this argument it would also be valid to incriminate oxygen as highly toxic, omitting mention that it is also essential for life.

The agent that inactivates the p53 gene, namely UVB, is the same one that generates vitamin D, which several meta-analyses reveal is protective against cancer. (Grant 2017) (Cedric 2006) (Autier 2007). The consensus of these studies indicates that an effective prophylaxis to avoid cancer is to maintain high levels of vitamin D, plasma levels between 70 and 100 ng / ml. Ignorance added to fear always brings problems, in this case, fearing skin cancer, the public could be exposed to a higher risk of contracting other types of neoplasm. Additionally, the antitumor and cancer-preventive action of sun exposure is not limited to vitamin D (Hanvan 2012)

It is only excessive exposure to UVB – excessive to the point of photo-carcinogenesis – that de-activates the cancer suppressor gene p53. Naturally, common sense and moderation must prevail. 
Vitamin D is protective against cancer. However, many of the anti-tumour effects attributed to vitamin D may also be benefits of cholesterol sulphate. It protects against cancer, diabetes and improves immunity. (Mitri 2013) (Papandreu 2015)

From 1974 to date, melanoma grows at a rate of 2% per year, along with oral cancer, it is one of the leading cancers in epidemiological expansion. Similarly, sales of sunscreen have increased 30-fold. With regard to squamous cell carcinoma, a Cochrane meta-analysis (Sanchez 2016) was unable to conclude whether or not sunscreens are protective. Some specialists postulate that the same cream could be aggravating, (Zamoiski 2015) a hypothesis that could have substance, if the list of ingredients is analysed. It is one thing to shield ourselves from the sun, but intoxicating the skin should not be the price to pay.

Epidemiology and geography studies indicate that the sun is protective of cardiovascular diseases (Weller 2010). If there is a lack of exposure to the sun, through the same metabolic pathway of cholesterol synthesis, the body generates cholesterol instead of generating vitamin D. This is confirmed by the fact that the body raises cholesterol in winter (Grimes 1996).

Observing the axis on the table referring to death rate, we ask ourselves why institutions do not promote the sun, while conversely sunscreen is promoted. It is worth remembering that the different types of skin cancer do not appear even among the first 10 causes of death. In the statistics of deaths from cancer itself, lung cancer occupies the first place, while melanoma and squamous cell skin cancer occupy 23 and 24 respectively, in spite of the fast-growing number of cases.

Very low levels of cholesterol are now frequently found in humans, and are more dangerous than high levels. Perhaps the central question is not how to reduce cholesterol levels, the story is more complex, more accurate is to ask what mechanism is failing and thereby causing the body to raise cholesterol as a measure to ensure balance and homeostasis?

Cholesterol sulphate is produced by the action of solar radiation on cholesterol at the skin surface. It serves as a substrate for the synthesis of sulphated steroids, such as DHEA sulphate, and pregnenolone sulphate (Gurpide 1966). From pregnenolone we obtain the hormones like oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Cholesterol sulphate is present in high concentrations in the male reproductive tract, avidly absorbed in the outer membrane of the sperm. Within the epididymis of the testis cholesterol sulphate stabilizes the sperm and inhibits the acrosin protease, which activates the metabolic pathway of fertilization. Within the female reproductive tract, the sulphate radical is released, inhibition is reversed, and there is a cascade of events called acrosome reaction that leads to fertilization (Langlais 1981). In all these events we observe immersion of surface yang, working its way towards yin.  Like the oils from the skin towards the seed of an orange.

The journey towards sleep starts with tryptophan an aromatic amino acid, which is highly sensitive to UV light, this amino acid is the building block for serotonin. Melatonin it created in the eye with the help of ocular melanocytes, converting serotonin to melatonin with the help of UV light, then stored in pineal gland. Interesting to observe that something which is created with light gets only gets released in darkness.  

The discourse up to this point, draws on cited studies to develop our understanding of the exterior-interior, Yang-Yin relationships of processes and chemical pathways which, in the absence of (sufficient) exposure to solar radiation, give rise to pathology.

If one considers that the skin as a supplier of cholesterol sulphate, and nitric oxide, then the skin could be understood as a large solar panel which provides energy to the heart. It also provides electrical charge for porphyrin and haemoglobin, as well as managing the separation of charges from water. The sun transforms solar energy to chemical energy, especially in the links between cholesterol and sulphate, as well as vitamin D and its sulphate.

Nitric Oxide is an important metabolic modulator of the mitochondria, and it is worth remembering that the mitochondria, which represent 30% of the weight of the heart, also has four proteins that are chromophores of light, the first respiratory complex absorbs ultraviolet, the cytochrome c oxidase of the third respiratory complex absorbs infrared, and the Hem proteins of the ATP synthase of the fifth respiratory complex absorb both UV and IR. Both animal mitochondria and plant chloroplast derive evolutionarily from a symbiosis of bacteria, from the family of cyanobacteria and rickettsia respectively. While the chloroplast synthesizes carbohydrates the mitochondria burns carbohydrates, the first emits oxygen and the second consumes it, the chloroplast absorbs CO2, while the mitochondrion releases it, but the common characteristic of both is to originate from a symbiotic relation  with bacteria and to be light chromophores.

There are various elements of physics that determine biochemistry which deserve to be researched. Chinese medicine is based on a central premise. , . "Energy is the commander of blood, blood is the mother of energy". A purely biochemical and molecular paradigm is insufficient. Diet or medication is not necessarily the only or best way to heal. The “exposome” variable, that is, the sum of environmental influences, also deserves consideration.

The forces of the sun act primarily from the exterior towards the interior, via the eye and the skin. The heart takes oxygen from the exterior towards the inner cell. Yang is a centripetal motion, whereas yin is centrifugal in its direction.  We can observe that every cell has 2 major centres, the metabolic centre is the mitochondria (which has several chromophores) and the genetic centre is within the nuclear membrane.

The moon governs reproduction and monthly cycles, while sun governs daily circadian rhythms. Sun governs the cortisol/melatonin axis, cortisol is liberated in the morning, around 5 am, while melatonin is freed around 9 pm. Melatonin is the hormone of light, its created with light, it’s an action of UV light over tryptophan, and subsequent conversion of serotonin, yet it will only be released in darkness.  If circadian rhythm is altered there can be no harmony at the endocrine level.

The reproductive hormones, are also influenced from cholesterol sulphate, and its generator the sun photons.  But the movements of progesterone and oestrogen follow a monthly rhythm.

We return to the relationship between Heart and Kidneys. They are bound in a Shao yin relationship, as a continuous meridian, shao yin of hand and shao yin of foot. Yet also this couple of inner organs is once again paired with Tai Yang on the exterior.

Tai Yang normally uses pungent Gui Zhi (RAmulus cinamoni) and Ma Huang (Ephedra sinica) to open the surface, while Shao Yin Uses Fu Zi (Aconitum carmichaelii) a gathering and astringent pungent, to open the paths.  The point we want to make is that though they are both pungent, the direction of the force is opposite. The other noteworthy point is that Gui Zhi is the exterior (bark) and Fu Zi is the interior (root).

IF the shao yin governs Jing and hereditary energy, Tai Yang governs epigenetic expression of genes. Epigenetic phenotype is able to override the genetic blueprint. It is the suns who work on surface biochemistry that modulates genetic expression.  IT is therefore the sun (yang) through its action on the skin, whom to a large extent determines the inner workings of the interior, including hormones, genes and blood. Adequate sun exposure is able to override gene expression. One important mechanism is via the retrograde signalling from Mitochondria towards nuclear DNA (Bagkos 2015). What needs to be made clear is that the processes that take place in human physiology are not merely biochemical phenomena, Electromagnetic forces govern biochemistry.

According to the Shang Han Lun, we have 3 levels of paired interaction. Exterior, half interior half exterior and Interior.

                              Tai Yang – Shao Yin = Exterior        
                              Jue yin – Shao yang= Half Interior half exterior

                              Yang Ming- Tai Yin= Interior

Another perspective and insight originates from understanding embryology. The ectoderm is where cells of skin and nervous system are derived. In fact, epidermis skin cells, neurons of the brain and pigment cells, all derive from the Ectoderm.

The narrative of the Nei Jing is based on space and time dynamics. The oxygen, zeta potential, and sulphates in blood all come from the environment.  Light, water and magnetism are the primary forces of biology. Biology does not determine the laws of physics; it is physics who regulates and defines biology at all levels. On the other hand, unlike Chinese classic texts, in modern academic circles, the progress of the science of physics shows a low level of interaction with the development of biology.

It is evident that modern life, has led humanity towards artificial electromagnetic fields, artificial light and indoors living, and bad quality water. We assert that the “Tree cure”, regardless of how simple it may seem, is a fundamental medicine to restrain or resolve medical conditions, both hereditary and epigenetic. The Tree cure is based on the medicines of a tree, namely sun, earth and water, stand barefoot on earth with no shirt and drink water.

Placing the cosmic sun as a central axis in the pathologies of the heart, is a bold and novel concept, of which requires equally extraordinary level of evidence. We assert that the scientific exploration of these relationships between solar radiation and the biochemistry of blood will be a rich source of inquiry and lead to positive outcomes for the prevention and management of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. Equally important is understanding of the diverse mechanisms by which solar energy via the skin is able to heal the deeper layers of the body, affecting blood, cholesterol, endocrine system and the genome. 

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